What Should I Expect When Remodeling My Bathroom?

by Roman Plumbing on December 19, 2014

The Perils in Bathroom Remodeling


Trinity Plumber Remodeling your bathroom will add style to your home as well as increase property value. However, the bathroom includes some of the most critical systems in your home and serious problems can result if proper procedures aren’t followed.

Common Plumbing Problems

Poor drainage can result in clogged pipes or other issues, such as water draining out to an area where it shouldn’t be. If the original plumber did not properly install the plumbing system you may have to have the entire system replaced by a professional to bring it up to meet local building codes.

In older homes the original plumbing may have been made of cast iron or galvanized metal pipes, which will most often corrode over time. If you do have pipes made out of older materials it is a good time to upgrade the system to copper when remodeling, even if not required by code.

Most modern plumbing codes now require tub surrounds and showers be waterproof, to prevent mold. However, many older installations weren’t typically built with a waterproof membrane and could have resulted in rotten wood and mold.

While some areas do not have any building restrictions whatsoever, most municipalities now have plumbing codes that were not in place when many older homes were constructed. Most codes now mandate vents for all drain lines to prevent the buildup of dangerous gases, and as a result you made need to have vents added to your system.

When Should I Replace My Shower or Tub?

Bathroom RemodelingUseless it is in pristine condition, it is always a good idea to have your shower or tub replaced when you have your bathroom remodeled. You don’t want to decide a month after your bathroom remolding project is finished that your tub or shower needs replacing. Additionally, if your tub is stained, scratched or has deep gouges it is time to replace it, even if you aren’t planning a full bathroom remodel.

What Local Codes Need To Be Followed?

While some people see local codes as a hindrance they don’t really have to follow, building codes are established for the safety of everyone. Always be sure to use a reputable and licensed plumber who is current on all local codes, as not doing so can result in fines and having to pay to have the job done twice to bring the plumbing system up to spec.

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Must Know Facts About Gas Line Leak Repair

by Roman Plumbing on December 12, 2014

Handling Gas Line Leaks


Gas Line Leak

How To Tell If There Is a Gas Leak

Natural gas is frequently used in the kitchen in ovens and stoves tops, and it is also often used to provide home heat. Natural gas is colorless and odorless. However, by law, sulfur is added to natural gas to give it an identifiable smell, so that people can tell if there is a gas line leak. Sulfur was chosen because it smells strongly of rotten eggs.

It’s a very distinct smell and very hard to miss. If you smell sulfur it means that somewhere there is a gas leak. Gas line leaks may be caused by old, corroded pipes, bad pipe welds or damaged pipes. Earthquakes can rupture natural gas pipes, and construction can cause accidental pipe damage too.

What To Do If You Suspect One

If you think you smell sulfur, immediately turn off all fire burning appliances, extinguish any flames and turn your gas of at the source. If you have an outdoor propane tank, there is a handle on that you can turn to shut off the flow of the gas. Leaking gas is extremely flammable, and even a small leak could lead to a lot of damage if it were to catch fire and the flames were to get to the main pipe or tank. If the leak is indoors, open your windows and doors and air your house out. Natural gas can be deadly if too much is inhaled. It goes without saying that if you smell gas, you shouldn’t smoke.

Should I Fix This Myself? 

Trinity PlumberNo. Gas leaks are very serious and repairs should only be done by a licensed professional. Notify your local gas company if you smell a leak, as soon as you’ve shut the gas off. They’ll determine the source of the leak, and if the gas leak is coming from their equipment they’ll repair it.

If it is coming from the pipes in your own home, however, do not attempt to fix the gas lines yourself. Given the danger of a gas leak from an improperly welded pipe, gas line repairs should never be a DIY job. Contact a local, licensed plumber with experience in gas pipe repair to have the job done safely.

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