Don’t Let Bad Plumbing Ruin Your Summer Fun

by Roman Plumbing on July 24, 2015

5 Summer Plumbing Tips

Trinity Plumbing Inspection ServicesSummer is here and that usually means vacations and trips to the beach. The last thing on your mind is your home plumbing. However, there are certain problems that can occur with your plumbing during the summer that does not happen the rest of the year. Before a serious problems occurs, here are five tips for your plumbing that can help you out this summer.

Maintenance Inspection:

At the start of every summer, it is recommended that you contact your plumbing company to perform an annual inspection at your home. This ensures that any issues can be fixed before they become a serious problem.

Sprinkler System:

If you have an in-ground sprinkler system at your home, be sure to inspect the sprinkler heads before turning them on for the summer. You will want to clean the sprinkler heads as well to ensure that they are working to their maximum efficiency. If you live in an area where your sprinklers are used more frequently, you may want to inspect them every few months. When having the lawn mowed, be sure not to run them over with the blade.

Sewer Lines:

With summer, the rain follows closely behind. Be aware that the more rain you see at your home, the more likely it is for your sewer system to back up. If you notice water backing up in any of your plumbing fixtures, such as a tub or sink, call your plumbing company immediately.

Trinity plumber

Water Heater:

Now that summer is here, less people are taking hot showers. You can turn the temperature down on your hot water heater. By doing so, not only will you save energy but you will also be saving yourself some money too!

Clogged Fixtures:

Now that the kids are home for summer, the plumbing fixtures are being used more than they were before. Toilet clogs can easily be fixed with a plunger or a snake. Be aware of what is going down your drain in order to avoid a clogged garbage disposal. Do not attempt to get rid of produce or cooking oils via the garbage disposal.

Remember, if you are experiencing a plumbing emergency, call you local licensed professional plumber to help solve the issue for you.

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Breathe Easy With an Emergency Plumber on Call!

by Roman Plumbing on July 17, 2015

Tips for Dealing With a Plumbing Emergency

Trinity PlumberPlumbing emergencies are one of those annoying facts of life, one that will occur more than once and at the most inconvenient time possible. That said, homeowners can minimize the damage and costs related to any plumbing disaster if he or she acts quickly. In fact, four simple steps can help turn a potentially major disaster into a minor issue with minimal costs.

Local Cutoff Valve

Clogged drains and toilets are the bane of a homeowner’s plumbing, these seemingly minor issues often exploding into a major disaster. However, rather than panic and attempt to clear the clog, the first thing one should do is turn off the water supply. In most cases, a local shut-off valve is behind the toilet cistern or under the sink. Once one is certain the water supply is cut-off, contact an emergency plumbing service to determine the cause and fix the problem.

Main Water Valve

A burst pipe is one of the more serious plumbing emergencies, one that can lead to extensive damage and costly repair bills. Fortunately, one can minimize the damage by locating and turning off the main water valve. This is most often located in the rear or front of one’s house and simply requires one turn the tap in a clockwise direction. The only thing a homeowner can do after that is contact an emergency plumber.

Water Heater

People rarely think about their water heater in the midst of a plumbing disaster, few even making the connection between the obscure appliance and the flood in the kitchen. However, turning off the main water valve does indeed affect the water heater and can lead to a very serious catastrophe. In many cases, newer water heaters have an automatic shut-off if there is no water supply, but do not assume. Ensure the water heater is off and contact an emergency plumbing service to minimize the damage.

Emergency Plumbing ServicesTrinity  Emergency Plumbing

The last thing anyone wants to do during a plumbing emergency is thumb through the yellow pages for an available plumber. Needless to say, it is advisable homeowners research and select a plumbing service before a disaster happens. Be sure to ask how long the plumber has worked in the field and how quickly the service can respond to an emergency. The answers should be deciding factors when determining which plumbing service to keep on speed dial.

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