Plumbing Rule You Must Never Forget

by Roman Plumbing on November 21, 2014

Drain Clog Prevention


Drain CleaningA clogged sink can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Chemical pipe cleaners can range anywhere from completely ineffective to caustic enough to damage your pipes, leaving professional Drain Cleaning as the most reliable solution to clogs. However, the best way to fix a clogged drain is to avoid clogging it in the first place. Use the following tips to understand how and why drains clog, as well as tips for prevention.

Kitchen Drain Clogs

Grease from cooking is one of your drain’s top enemies. Grease will stick onto the sides of your pipes and solidify. The more grease you pour down your drain, the more the grease will build up. Since grease is not water soluble, even running hot water down your drain will not help remove it. Coffee grounds are another enemy of drains. Rather than dissolve, coffee grounds will clump up when exposed to water. Instead of pouring grease and coffee grounds down your kitchen sink, discard them in the trash. An old coffee can is the perfect place to collect used grease or coffee grounds.

If you have a garbage disposal in your sink, be careful of the types of food you put into it. Don’t throw foods such as pasta or rice down the sink because they will swell up when exposed to water. When running the garbage disposal, turn on a heavy stream of cold water to make sure the food particles don’t get stuck. Also make sure to run your garbage disposal long enough that the food particles are small and will flow through the pipes easily.

Bathroom Drain Clogs

Trinity PlumberBathroom drains have another common clogging culprit. Hair that’s washed down the drain can gather itself into a hairball big enough to get stuck. Soap scum and dirt particles will get caught in the hair and create a barrier. Most bathroom drains have a removable grate or strainer inside. These strainers will will cause clogs if not regularly cleaned, but prevent them if cleaned often. If your drain does not have a grate, consider purchasing one.

Other Drain Clogs

One surprising cause of clogged drains can be found outside the home entirely. Tree roots can grow into drain pipes and cause blockages. If you have trees growing in or around your yard, their roots might be the cause of the problem. In this case, a professional company will have to be called to remove them. It’s a good idea to check your pipes at least once a year if you have this problem.

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One Simple Way To Go Green!

by Roman Plumbing on November 14, 2014

The Secret to Lowering Your Water Bill


Trinity PlumberLeaks and Loose Pipes

Are you about to pull your hair out over huge water bills? Are you having trouble finding the cause of your water problems and don’t know where to turn? Fear not! There are many common culprits that increase water bill payments and a variety of services that professional plumbers can provide in order to fix these.

The first step you’ll want to take in nipping your water usage problem in the bud is performing an inspection of your household. Look at all the pipes, faucets and different water outputs in your house. Are they leaking around the fixtures? Perhaps they don’t stop running after you turn them off? A quick glance at some of these areas can help you identify the problem and know what you’re dealing with.

Viwapa has a nice write up giving details as to what may be causing outrageous water bills. The leading cause for these problems are, generally speaking, leaking toilets. A leaking toilet that doesn’t function correctly can use up to 20 gallons of extra water per day. This means for every minute your toilet is leaking you’re throwing cash down the toilet.


PlumbingYour grass sure is green and healthy looking but how is that effecting your bank account? Viwapa has also stated that frequent watering of your yard, plants and shrubbery may be the reason why your bill is so high. Not only does frequent watering of your yard rack up a tally, but it also can put wear-and-tear on your faucets located outside of your house. These faucets can then leak and start to tick away at your hard earned cash.

Seasonal Bills

The last point to be aware of when you’re looking at your water bill is the time of year. Obviously your bills will be much higher during the warmer seasons (summer and spring) and dip lower during the colder seasons. However, this brings us to the next point, running water in the winter to keep the lines from freezing over. This is a common misconception that people use to keep their pipes from icing. There is a belief that running water will prevent the ice build up and thus prevent problems.

However, this constant running of water through the lines will actually cause more harm than good. Especially if your lines are old, this can cause erosion and leaks.

Are you spending far too much on your water bill? Take action and call Roman Plumbing today at (727) 858-3412. Your Trinity home will thank you. 

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